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Our Story


re.a recycled apparel was born on the West Coast of Australia. Western Australia is renown for its natural beauty, pristine coastline and clean air. Our lives revolve around clear blue oceans, national parks, nature reserves and the dramatic open expanses of our wilderness and desert.


Enjoying and preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us lies at the heart of our purpose in creating re.a.


The fashion & apparel industry is thought to be the 2nd or 3rd largest polluter of our oceans globally. re.a is seeking to drive change in this industry.


Even amongst the beauty of our own environment in Western Australia, we see plastic waste wash up on our beach front every day. Our marine life is getting caught up in plastic waste, our beaches are being polluted, and our way of life is being threatened.


re.a’s  purpose is to provide consumers with an alternative to investing in disposable fast fashion, which fuels the creation of more virgin materials, more waste and more destruction to our natural environment. re.a seeks to re-purpose the waste products that are already infiltrating our oceans and landfill, and give them a second life as carefully designed, high quality apparel items.   


Our range is made from a combination of post-consumer recycled cotton and post-consumer recycled plastic waste. We use as many recycled materials as we can in creating our products, so that our customers can make a choice to invest in clothing that supports our present needs as well as our future.


We are not perfect, there is more we could do, but we will start here.


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