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Our Materials

We’ve chosen to make our garments from a combination of post-consumer recycled cotton and post-consumer recycled plastic – which has been removed from our oceans & landfill, cleaned, broken down and then eventually spun into polyester thread.
Our choice to use a blend of recycled cotton and recycled plastic to produce our garments is largely driven by our ambition to reduce and re-use waste products that are created by the fashion and apparel industry, which is thought to be the 2nd or 3rd largest polluter of our oceans globally.

How it's done

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Recycled Cotton Recycled Plastic Waste


The Impact

Each piece of re.a you purchase makes a difference. To know exactly how much of an impact you are having, check out the information below: 


Product # of recycled plastic bottles repurposed to create this product # of kgs of cotton scraps recycled to create this product
Unisex Short Sleeve T-Shirt 7.5 0.15
Fitted Short Sleeve T-Shirt 5.5 0.11
Cut Away Sleeve Tank 4.5 0.09
Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt 9.5 0.19
Unisex Long Sleeve Collared T-Shirt 11 0.22
Cropped Long Sleeve Jumper 12 0.23
Unisex Long Sleeve Hoodie 18 0.35
Unisex Track Pant 15.5 0.30

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